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released June 30, 2015



all rights reserved


NONAPHOENIX Cleveland, Ohio

Indie Pop from Cleveland, Ohio.

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Track Name: Find a Way
oh, little bird
why don’t we leave the nest
there’s a great big world out there
there’s air inside your chest

well i’ll be right beside you when you spread your wings
you’ve got to lend a little trust with these sort of things
we always knew that soon, there’d come a day
but if you hold on tight, we’ll be okay

we’ll find a way
like spring turns into summer
it’s right around the corner
find a way
i’ll never love another
you’ll always be my lover
find a way

little bird, little bird
don’t be afraid of wolves
they’re so far below us now
they’ll die out in the cold

well i’ll be right beside you when the end seems near
the bravest thing we’ve got is when we’ve got no fear
we always knew that soon there’d come a day
but if you hold on tight, we’ll be okay

there’s never gonna be another
if only we could take another
Track Name: Already Gone
you never see it coming
but then again, i should have known
winter is here, we’re far from home

so let’s pick up all the pieces
and find a place to stay the night
keep warm- this storm will last awhile

i’m afraid if i say it out loud
“are we already gone?”
“there’s a chance we won’t make it out before the big sun”

my father was a drinker
and my mother was too far gone
you live and you learn- you carry on

so where does this bring us
but, curled up like a bear in the frost?
fighting for life before it’s lost

I am not alone in this
Oh, are we gone?
Track Name: Go
my mind is overgrown with mold
i'm falling through the cracks in my home
i'm finding nothing of use
i'm making every excuse
that i know

there's water leaking in the hall
i'm stuck and i don't care at all
close the blinds until noon
yeah i'll die in my tomb
after all

but i know i'm slipping
into something bold
done with sitting
watching waiting, no

i've got to go
i've got to go

looking past this place i'm in
it's do or die, it's sink or swim
there are plenty of ways
to correct my mistakes
and my sins

there's hope for us, without a doubt
there's love enough to drown it out
there's no time to waste
in this timely escape
from this house
Track Name: Alive / Alive
Early morning, the coast is clearing
The birds are voicing their song
Full of wonder, like rolling thunder
It echoes through a brand new dawn

If I sit still, the oceans will pull me in
If I sit still

I am alive
I am golden
My eyes are wide and hoping
I can feel it in my bones
I am alive
I am golden
If only for a moment
My heart is beating strong
And singing out the song
I am alive

Wasting time with no worry in mind
You'll find it's not wasted at all
Chasing horizons like sparrows in flight
Soon, these arrows will bite before they fall